Jaro Sounder is a multi-genre compiler with a boundless curiosity.  

Not a DJ per se, as he prefers to avoid the obvious pressures of maintaining a full dancefloor in a bustling nightclub environment. While he enjoys moving a crowd, his focus and desire lies in the art of showcasing music that is generally off-the-radar for today's record diggers and conventional music enthusiasts. Focusing on the soul and musicality of a diverse array of sounds rather than paying mind to categories and genres is his creative modus operandi. From this particular framework, he is by nature, always stretching the cohesiveness of association and dissolving the boundaries of what is commonplace.

His online archive consists of 98 mixes which are all available for free download in high quality lossless formats as well as standard MP3 file format (320kbps) for on-the-go listening convenience. He also offers the occasional limited edition cassette for the collector in you! (see below).

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Attention Shoppers (Limited Edition Cassette)
  • Attention Shoppers (Limited Edition Cassette)
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This two hour limited edition cassette was curated from DIY Sound Collage, Tape Experimentation, Auto-Hypnotic Suggestion, and Minimal Avant-garde home recordings which blossomed into the Cassette Underground from around 1978 - 1984. Limited-run factory sealed copies are available worldwide!

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